Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sydney Opera Trip II: Our Asian Style

This is how we pack for 4 days trip
Day 1 - Our Street Style Begins with M.JU
2015-02-06-11-14-01_deco 2015-02-06-11-34-16_deco 2015-02-07-08-59-56_deco 2015-02-07-08-58-22_deco  IMG_6826
Day 2 - Morning Run with Nike & New Balance
IMG_6886 IMG_6885 IMG_6986 IMG_6895 1423266107574 IMG_6880
Roaming the City with the Basic Grey, Black & White
2015-02-08-00-37-24_deco IMG_6954
Day 3 - High Tea Attire (Refer to Sydney Opera Trip I: Eating Sydney for food post) with M.JU & Georgia C
2015-02-09-08-47-24_deco 2015-02-09-07-00-19_deco  2015-02-09-08-45-28_deco  IMG_7012 IMG_7076 IMG_7069
 OPERA!!! With my H&M and her you would never guess how much dress!
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Day 4 - Botanical Garden, Contemporary Art Gallery, Tea Cosy & Museum Visits - The Yin & Yang Outfits
 IMG_7247 IMG_7255
IMG_7261 IMG_7240
 1423461519375 IMG_7235 IMG_7276  IMG_7296IMG_7271
IMG_7210  IMG_7214   IMG_7185
IMG_7208 IMG_7205
IMG_7317IMG_7316 1423461333681           IMG_7303

Sydney Opera Trip I: Eating Sydney

Sydney Opera Trip I: Eating Sydney - Starter The Opera House! ;P
Day 1: Four Course Lunch @ Quay
Highly recommend Quay if you're looking somewhere fancy with good food and service to dine. The restaurant is situated along the river facing the Sydney Opera House - I would imagine it would be quite romantic for dinner.
2015-02-06-13-01-13_deco IMG_6813 
1st Course
2015-02-06-13-10-40_photo 2015-02-06-13-11-00_photo
2nd Course
 2015-02-06-13-35-15_deco 2015-02-06-13-35-34_deco
3rd Course
20150206_135648 20150206_135700
4th Course - THE Cherry SNOW EGG (Right, Must try)!!!!
 2015-02-06-14-20-31_deco  2015-02-06-14-21-12_deco
  Breakfast @Tea Cosy - Too cute to not visit. As you walk into the cafĂ© you can smell the hot fresh scones being baked in the kitchen....drool....
IMG_7206 IMG_7204IMG_6926 IMG_69241423276222331 1423276224625
Coffee @ La Renaissance by the Market
IMG_6900 IMG_6902 IMG_6909 IMG_6910    IMG_6899 IMG_6898
Mad Hatter's High Tea @ The Westin Hotel - Another place with great service and food!
IMG_7019  IMG_7041   IMG_7024 IMG_7025 IMG_7036 IMG_7040IMG_7054
Afternoon Drinks @Quay Bar
IMG_6996 IMG_6969
Dinner @Circular Quay Restaurant. Loved my Risotto!  
IMG_7166 IMG_7165 IMG_7164  IMG_7162
Chinese Cuisine @China Town. Yum Yum  
IMG_6843 IMG_6871   IMG_6847 IMG_6869  IMG_6873 IMG_6844  IMG_6848
Breakfast @Restaurant Nearby Nurses Walk 
IMG_7196 IMG_7197 IMG_7198  IMG_7195
Hiding from the Rain @Sir Stamford Bar
   IMG_7222 IMG_72191423461450412
Extras: Scenery
20150208_083420 20150208_085057
  IMG_6869IMG_6867   IMG_7169