Monday, May 25, 2015

Secret Code of 2424052015

Secret Code: 2424052015 --> crack it and you will get the story!
Southbank: Spanish and Avenger
2015-05-25-07-34-13_deco  2015-05-25-07-33-28_deco
Wouldn't be a celebration without freebies~~ >3<
IMG_9087 (4)
Baked Eggs and Cake Brunch
2015-05-25-07-35-50_decoIMG_9076IMG_9092IMG_908720150524_123314IMG_9126IMG_9098  2015-05-25-07-41-58_deco
Tea Time with Kates!
IMG_9185 (2) 11136628_426269044222362_7046332606727955071_n
Surprise Delivery (love my Gerberas <3)  
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Cocktails & Fireworks
  IMG_9090 (3)  IMG_9094 (3)  20150522_193927
IMG_9115 (3)      IMG_9099 (3)
Comfort At My Table Brunch 
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Greek Festival
Found the best honey puffs of the day after three trials 20150523_17443920150523_173154 20150523_172719

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hawaii O-Four VI: La'au & Pearl Harbour

La'au with traditional food and dancing - definitely recommend do it - it was great: full of activities and entertaining with delicious food. This particular La'au we attended is located up in the mountain with an excellent view of the city.
IMG_8878 IMG_8879 IMG_8881 IMG_8883 IMG_8886 IMG_8893 IMG_8912 IMG_8917DSC04719DSC04732IMG_8974 IMG_8984
Pearl Harbour
IMG_8305-1IMG_8356   IMG_8339 20150331_103205 IMG_8335IMG_8459IMG_8460 IMG_8434 IMG_8312 IMG_8308 IMG_8415 

Hawaii O-Four V: My Hawaii Style

Shopping in my jumpsuit from Dish, H&M sunglasses and Iconic sandals
Diamond Head hiking in top from Melbourne shopping, Country Road shorts, Tommy Hilfiger cap and New Balance joggers
Waikiki Beach
White lace long outer from Melbourne boutique, H&M pink bikin top and random black bottom
IMG_8033  IMG_8084
Off to Hanauma Bay again in my Melbourne boutique purchase crop and Brisbane boutique shorts with Victor's Secret bikinis + H&M coconut tree sunglasses + Gap hat + zebra Crocs
20150331_045839 IMG_8114 IMG_8120 IMG_8149 IMG_8193 IMG_8195
Sunset cocktail in Guess denim dress, Gap strip flats and Coach bag
IMG_8232 IMG_8250-1
Twin Island with my new Victoria's Secret Bikini #2
IMG_8556 IMG_8631
Gap dress and Forever 21 sunglasses with poka dot headband
IMG_8670  IMG_8701 IMG_8683
My yoga blues from Pink and Block Out
China Town excursion in my simple Forever 21
La'au - my spin on the tribal look in Banana Republic skirt and Gap top with the handmade headband and lei.
IMG_8925 IMG_8927